Cell Dynamics and Chromosomal stability workshop

Aug 21st, 2023

International workshop at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

The movie was provided by C.Efstathiou from Draviam group ; SiR-DNA and EB3-mKate2. Thanks!

Cell Dynamics and Chromosomal stability workshop

We will hold a workshop on cell division, migration and chromosome segregation control, with a technical presentation about SpinX, a software by Carl Zeiss, which uses Deep learning techniques for analysing 3Dimensional + time series images. To join established scientists in this field, please register below.

Free for fee to join, we ask your registration with the following form.

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Aug 21th, 2023 13:30 ~ 18:30


Draviam and Hiroi Group


BBSRC, Innovate UK


Prof. Tatsuo Fukagawa (Osaka University, Japan)
Prof. Akatsuki Kimura (National Institute of Genetics, Japan)
Prof. Kozo Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan)
Prof. Nishanth R. Sastry (University of Surrey, UK)
Dr. Binghao Chai (Queen Mary University of London, UK/Carl Zeiss)
Prof. Viji M. Draviam (Queen Mary University of London)
Prof. Noriko F. Hiroi (Kanagawa Institute of Technology/Keio University School of Medicine)

Session Chairs

Prof. Viji M. Draviam (Queen Mary University of London)
Prof. Toru Hirota (The Cancer Institute of JFCR, Japan)
Prof. Akatsuki Kimura (National Institute of Genetics, Japan)


Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Bld. K3, 5F, Conference Room No.3506
1030 Shimoogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan


with Train to Hon-Atsugi: Odakyu Odawara Line Hon-Atsugi Station
From Haneda airport
- By train: Take Keikyu Line toward Uraga until Yokohama. Then change Keikyu Line to Sotesu Line toward Ebina until the terminal. You will find Odakyu Odawara Line at Ebina station, Hon-Atsugi is 2 stops from Ebina with Odakyu Line.
- By Bus: There is a several direct buses from Haneda to Hon-Atsugi. The time table is available from here.
From JR Tokyo Station
Move to Shinjuku with JR Chuo Line, then you can find Odaku Line from the West Entrance area of the Shinjuku Station.
Choose Odawara direction insted of any other direction.
From JR Shin-Yokohama Station
Use Sotetsu Line toward Ebina. Change Sotetsu Line to Odakyu Line toward Odawara direction.
From inside Tokyo
There are several options;
- Using Yamanote Line: You can change at Osaki Station to Sotetsu Line to go Ebina.
Then Hon-Atsugi is just 2 stops from there with Odakyu Line.
- Using Subways: Take Toei Asakusa Line directly connected with Keikyu Line until Yokohama station,
then take Sotetsu Line until Ebina. You can change to Odakyu Line there and to go Hon-Atsugi.
- Using Tokyu Line: Take Shin-Yokohama Direction from Shibuya until Ebina,
You can change to Odakyu Line there and to go Hon-Atsugi.
Bus: Kanagawa Chuo Bus Line 07 or 89
The buses start from no.1 bus station, next to the central entrance of Hon-Atsugi Odakyu Line station.
The buses going to our campus indicate "via Kanagawa Institute of Technology" on the electric board.


13:00 Desk open for the workshop and the poster session
Coffee and Sweets will be served around the registration desk (all free for you).

13:30 Poster Session I

14:00 Welcome opening remarks and Keynote speaker short introduction (Noriko F. Hiroi & Viji M. Draviam)

14:05 Keynote

Prof Tats Fukagawa 35 minutes + 5 min discussion
Title:From small CENPs to CCAN, KMN, and Kinetochores.

Session I: Cell Dynamics

22 minutes + 3 min discussion
Chair Prof Toru Hirota
14:45-15:10 Prof Aki Kimura
Title:How do the centrosomes position themselves inside the cell?
15:10-15:35 Prof Kozo Tanaka
Title:Chromosomal instability caused by reduced kinetochore phosphorylation in metaphase.
15:35-15:47 PhD candidate short talk 1: Saho Matsui
Title:How HP1-Aurora B complex concentrates to centromeres and ensures mitotic fidelity.
15:48-16:00 PhD candidate short talk 2: Nana Kamakura
Title: How Polo-like kinase 1 regulates kinetochore-microtubule attachments in cancers.
16:00-16:05 One selected abstracts (5 min Flash talk)
16:05-16:30 Prof Viji Draviam

16:30-17:00 Short break - Coffee/Tea/Sweets + Poster Session II

Session II: AI methods for Bioimaging

22 minutes + 3 min discussion
Chair Prof Aki Kimura
17:00-17:25 Prof Noriko Hiroi
Title:iAmicon Project: Indivisually fitted Amico Consultant.
17:25-17:50 Prof Nishanth Sastry
Title:Making Imaging Data Meaningful: Inspirations from Social Media.
17:50-18:15 Dr Binghao Chai (QMUL-Zeiss joint workshop)
Title: tba.
18:15-18:20 One selected abstracts (5 min Flash talk)

18:20-18:25 Closing Remarks of workshop (Noriko and Viji, Thank-you note).


More information about previously we co-hosted international workshops from 2012.
International Workshop on Quantitative Biology 2012
in Tokyo, Japan, 2012.
see also the report from Frontires.
International Workshop on Quantitative Biology 2014
in Melbourne, Australia, 2014.
International Workshop on Quantitative Biology 2017
in Yokohama, Japan, 2017.

We had more meetings;
"UK-JAPAN NETWORK for High Speed Microscopy in Cells". May 2014, Cambridge, UK.
"the workshop of the Center for Cell Dynamics". Sep 2022, London, UK.



This workshop is supported by BBSRC, Innovate UK, and The Great Britain SASAKAWA FOUNDATION.

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