Open up
to traveling anywhere & any occasion
AT your home.

COVID-19 stole from people the opportunities of travellng freely around the world. Even if you do not aim to go out so far away, many of social activities were resticted including just a chance for daily friendly face to face conversation. Those situation stressed people and scientific researches showed the evidences how such stress affects on both physical and mental health of people[1~3].
Alcova Elettrica is a project, which uses the framework of Japanese traditional art TOKONOMA to reconstruct outside world of one's home, especially an occasion of traveling under a nature.
By using electric devices to express background picture and front center object, the potential of the TOKONOMA can be expanded as it can involve the change of light with the time series images, the movement of the object, and even the sound around the situation.

Project Members

Masaki Ishiwata

B4, Alcova prj

Kazuki Nakamura

2022 Bachelor, team Alcova

Hayato Iijima

2022 Bachelor, team Alcova

References for the background knowledge about the effect of the activity restriction under COVID-19

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