iAmiCon = a Friend, who consulting you.

Recently, deep learning is applied to solve many kind of problems. By convining psycological knowledge, we are going to develop iAmiCon, which prompts self-recognition of users own emotion for the better self-control, like a very good,long-time well known friend.

This project is supported by the Center for Information Education and Research of Kanagawa Institute of Technology.

Project Members

Noriko Hiroi

Professor, Faculty of Creative Engineering

Kazuho Narita

B4, iAmicon prj

Yusei Sakai

B4, DX prj + joining iAmicon prj

Shohei Nashizaki

B4, Water prj + joining iAmicon prj

Masaki Ishiwata

B4, Alcova prj + joining iAmicon prj

Hiroya Urushibara

B4, bio-solveSDGs prj + joining iAmicon prj

Keito Kimura

B3, iAmicon prj

Rintaro Imakado

B3, iAmicon prj