Biomimetic Materials, and more.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT)

Life contains all the answers

Exploratory Researches on Biomimetic Materials and Systems for Symbiotic Engineering

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Living system contains many of unsolved questions including quantum level mechanisms. By exploring those systems and materials, we may find the solutions for the problems, especially the solutions to reorganise human society to symbiotic society with all the other animals, plants and more on this planet.
Our first trial will start with collaborators and students and wider organisation than this laboratory but in our university, by helping kids education in developing countries.

We also started an exploratory research of candidate materials for controlling quantum processes.

Project Members

Sora Endo

B4, Biomimetic Eng prj

Hiroya Urushibara

2023 Bachelor, team bio-solveSDGs


Working together for this project

Isabel M. Palacios, Department of Biochemistry, SBBS, Queen Mary, University of Lndon

Scientific visitor at the University of Cambridge

Founder DrosAfrica

BSCB Ambassador

EMBL Alumni Association Board member