IoT Programming Lab. (Sugimura Laboratory)

Welcome !

Here is a web site for introduction in Kanagawa Institution of Technology, JAPAN. We studies applications of network-connected home appliances such as smart life, smart home, home energy management system, and also time-series data mining technology.
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Major themes

  • Time-series data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information system
  • Web services
  • IoT and Home appliances


This web site is link free. For specification of extrenal url is

Apps for iOS(iPhone/iPad) is published!

  • Controller for general lighting with ECHONET Lite
  • Controller for blind with ECHONET Lite
  • Controller for air-cleaner with ECHONET Lite
  • Controller for air-conditioner with ECHONET Lite
  • Controller for rangehood with ECHONET Lite

Experimental web system

  • Library of ECHONET Lite Appendix
  • Here
  • Visualization for Micro Hydropower Electricity
  • Here